Parking Automation System (LIFT AND SLIDE) 100 cars. Paolo Memorial Hospital, Chokchai 4 Ladprao Bangkok

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Parking Automation System (LIFT AND SLIDE) 100 cars.  Paolo Memorial Hospital, Chokchai 4 Ladprao Bangkok

Each system is divided into 4 Module, Can work independently


6-storey building divided into 4 Module, 25 cars per 100 vehicles.


Knock down the steel structure is flexible and agile. Empowerment in the construction and installation of machinery with. Fast and efficient

Building project automated parking systems Lift and Slide. The system is suitable for use in limited space conditions. As can be designed to accommodate the size and weight. Car needs of customers. Fast construction period Inexpensive and can be dismantled Moving and installing the new one.

This automated parking garage It can accommodate a standard-sized car H x W x L size 1.85 mx 1.85 mx 5.20 m and weight. 2,000 kg, has a total of 100 units, with space limited to 12.95mx 25m. 323.75 m2 or otherwise, designed the machine as a motor.


Work with the wire rope as standard with EU Standard. Electric control with PLC (Programable Logic Control) provides. Smooth, quiet and highly secure.


You can choose to work with Touch (Push Button) or command card (IC Card) as. Need a car waiting period of no more than 3.0 minutes, the system was designed. 4 Module to support applications simultaneously with four cars. Backup power systems, and the systems designed to be maintenance-free for 24 months.


Use and easy maintenance The duration of the construction and operation of building permits for about 240 days in total construction budget of approximately 28,000,000.00 baht.

Special features of Lift and Slide.

-Systems can be designed according to customer requirements.

-The maximum use of space : The ratio of space per vehicle FAR = 17 m2 / vehicle.

-The construction budget: 270,000 baht / car.

-Saving construction time: 8 months.

-Can be disassembled dismantled

-Short periods of waiting Waiting Time <3 minutes.

-Operating expenses under Operation Cost: ~ 0.7. Baht / use up to 1 times.

-The cost of maintenance Maintenance Cost Low: <. 250 Baht / car / month

-A high-tech security for protection against theft.

-Property in Parking Lot

-Traffic can be managed easily and quickly than low number of personnel in the administration building parking lot.

-Add convenience to the user.

-There is safety in high use.

-The present situation in terms of inconvenience.

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