4 years of use and maintenance Automated parking garage G-07 GPP Puzzle Parking 100 units, the first building in Thailand Paolo Memorial Hospital Chokchai 4

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4 years of use and maintenance Automated parking garage G-07 GPP Puzzle Parking 100 units, the first building in Thailand Paolo Memorial Hospital Chokchai 4

Today's 4th anniversary of deployment and maintenance. Parking garage with 100 automatic Lift and Slide

The first building in Thailand Paolo Memorial Hospital Chokchai 4

G.Park was founded in 2012 with a commitment to address inadequate parking.

With the introduction of the technology of parking by the machine from abroad to solve the problem.

Conventional Parking Building from Critical Issues Inadequate parking in the old system can not meet the demand.

The duration of the construction budget to the inconvenience of parking.

Pollution problem Driving around to find parking. And waiting for time, etc.

These problems Building a parking garage with mechanical Mechanical Parking System in the country.

Paolo Memorial Chokchai 4 is the first construction site of the country in 2013.

G.Park thank you Paolo Memorial Hospital Chokchai 4 again.

At this opportunity, the decision was made to use the construction of a parking garage with a mechanical system in the Lift and Slide system to solve the parking problem of the hospital.

G-Park has conducted design, construction, installation and maintenance.

The first car park in Thailand is the first building in Thailand, which is considered to be the first innovation that has made the machinery industry parked in the country.

This building has been carefully designed and approved for construction.

Civil engineering Electrical and Mechanical The design is based on the Lift and Slide system, taking into account three main reasons.


1) Need a car park with traffic management that can park and circulate at least 100 cars in a narrow area of ​​just 700 sqm.

2) Want a cheaper budget than the construction of a typical parking garage?

3) Need to be demolished in new areas. If you want to use this space, there are other benefits that are worth more. G.Park chose LIFT AND SLIDE because it can answer all the questions. And with a short construction period of just 6 months after receiving. Construction permit There is also a free 24-month maintenance fee.

System Details

Knock down steel structure is flexible and flexible. Increasing the capacity of construction and installation of machinery quickly and efficiently. Construction project of the auto parking system Lift and Slide.

The system is suitable for use in limited space. Because it can be designed to accommodate a number of sizes. And weight Automobiles as customer requirements. Construction time is fast, economical and can be dismantled, relocated and re-installed.

This parking lot automatically. It can accommodate a standard car H x W x L size 1.85 m x 1.85 m x 5.20 m and not more than 2,000 kg capacity of 100 cars with limited parking space only 12.95m x 25m or 323.75 m2 only.

Machine design is a motorized gearbox. Compatible with EU Standard standard wire rope system with PLC (Programable Logic Control) for soft, silent and high safety. Low maintenance Optional Push Button or IC Card.

Waiting time is less than 3.0 minutes. The system is designed to be 4 modules. The car is free with 25 units per module, so it can support up to 20 units simultaneously. The system is equipped with emergency power supply system and maintenance contract is free. 24 months Design system is easy to use and maintain. Time to complete construction. Construction Permit Approx. 240 days. Construction Budget Approximately 28,000,000.00 Baht (Excluding Architectural Work and Exterior Decoration)

Lift and Slide

• The system can be designed according to customer requirements. (Tailer / customize Made)
• Maximum utilization of space : Space ratio per car FAR = 17 m2 / vehicle
• Cost savings: 280,000 baht / car (Excluding architectural work and systems)
• Time saving: 8 months
• Can be dismantled.
Waiting Time Waiting Time Short: <3 minutes
• Cost of Operation Operation Low: ~ 0.5 Baht / usage up once
• Low Maintenance Maintenance Cost: <300 baht / car / month.
• High security in theft prevention in the parking building.
• Easier to manage traffic, faster and more economical than the number of people managing the parking lot.
• Increased user convenience.
• High security.
• Provides a good feeling for users to choose the right technology for the current situation.

On July 17, 2560, the past. Is the anniversary of the birth This car parking garage. At the same time, it is the birthday of G.Park as well. From that day, there is G.Park today, and of course this building is still available. Heavy daily use By the maintenance of our experts forever offline.

Thank you for your trust in our service and we are ready to continue to develop.

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